No Horizons

The New Horizon spacecraft traveled for almost 10 years to get to Pluto. Passed our moon 10 times faster than Apollo (just 8 hours). After the flyby of Jupiter, increased its speed to fifty-something miles per hour. Past a thousand miles per hour, our brain starts to have some troubles to grasp what we’re talking about. So who cares about the exact number. It was fast.

Today it reached Pluto. A planet so tiny and so far that, again, its useless to be precise with the exact size or distance. It’s not that I’m lazy. I do it for your sanity (and mine). Numbers are for crazy people. We are the stupid.

There are some numbers we can deal with, though. Like 5 hours, for example: the time it takes to send a signal from Earth to Pluto. The data travels at the speed of three hundred thous.. nevermind. Very fast. But not that fast, when we’re dealing with these kinds of distances.

Useless to say, that to catch this little ball of rock so far away, with such precision, it is unbelievable. And this wasn’t just luck. If you haven’t lived in a cave for the last 60 years, you might have heard that it isn’t the first time we do this. We had already visited all the planets. And only Pluto was left (if we count it as a planet).

Now. I love to wonder about space, science etc. sometimes (when I don’t have drugs around). But then I have to wake up and return to reality. The situation today – 2015 is that many of us, do hard, dangerous, humiliating jobs. Pure slavery most of the time. Why don’t we use technology to free our selves first, here on earth, and then worry about getting photographs of a rock 4,67 billion miles away?


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