Master & Slave

Rome – December 2015

“Let’s first examine why people want to have pets.
A pet for the most part can easily be compared to a prisoner. They are jailed, caged, given an identity tag, chained, kept away from other pets, fed at certain times, made to sleep at certain times, and they usually get about as much attention each day as a plant that gets watered while their daily life is just as exciting (never going anywhere and only having walls to look at).

Pets are also dirty and destructive. They either shed hair or skin, they get wet or muddy, they urinate and defecate either indoors or outdoors where it can be tracked indoors, they get feces all over themselves and sometimes eat it, and they destroy everything they touch.

So why do people have pets?
Pets are dependent upon being fed and the communication between a person and their pet is one way as the pet cannot talk back or decide anything, so our first observation is that of a power control over another living creature while our second observation is that of a primitive barbaric alienated individual that is disconnected from others and can only connect and relate with unintelligent creatures on a much lower level, often reflecting their own inability to take care of themselves, sustaining poor hygiene, and suffering from depression and social phobias.

All relationships should be a two way communication but in the exception of a pet there is only dominance acted out of selfishness from an emotional disability. Most pet owners are so disconnected from other people, they would choose their pet over being with another person no matter how much that person might mean to them. When we take a step back to see this all in a much larger picture, we see they are just acting out what is being done to them. They have been forced into a meaningless life of existence as a slave against their will for so long that they don’t even try to break free and their desire for owning a pet is their subconscious acting out what has been done to them over the course of their life span, much like how a child would act out what they saw in a movie with toy figures.

From this perspective, wanting a child or wanting a pet in place of not being able to have a child, serves the same purpose, to only perpetuate this deep dysfunctional psychological sickness that is seen as an emotional disability. Most that want children then end up having children mostly for the same reason people want pets. To amuse and entertain them, show them off like trophies, drag them around from place to place like merchandise that they own, and to order them around like pets that can’t talk back or escape from their heavily sheltered and domesticated lifestyle, promising they will get what they want as long as they keep doing what they are told.”

from the “The Psionics Handbook”


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