GIRO 03 – July 2010

One man, one car, four countries, four thousand kilometers. This was his last tour.

Western alps – France – 11 July 2010
You won’t believe it, but in 2010 also, I was doing the slave for a living. The job was taking my soul away each year it passed. But for some reason I continued to work there. Maybe it was lazyness. Or maybe it was that I was used to that kind of violence. They teach us to obey and shut up when we are kids, and we continue to do that when we grow up. Anyway, for someone raped like me, the job wasn’t that bad. I worked on a computer all day. And I was lucky, very lucky. I had priviledges no-one could dream of. I could leave the job for 4 weeks each year and do whatever I wanted. But I couldn’t take these 4 weeks all at the same time. No no no, that was too much, even for a priviledged slave like me. My owner unchained me for 2 weeks in summer, and 2 weeks in winter. But this year I did a great job as a slave, so my owner gave me 3 weeks for my summer vacations. Wow! I could plan a longer trip this time. Three weeks were enough to let me go beyond the alps this time. And so I did. I tried to escape as fast and as far as possible from my problems, but they haunted me even there.

DAY 01 distance: 121 km total so far: 121 km
Roma – Tuscania
Self – Tuscania – 06 July 2010
Fountain – Tuscania – 06 July 2010

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The Hardest Shot


These two guys were dragging this cart full of plastic shit to sell on the beach. If that wasn’t enough, they were walking on the sand and going against the wind. If you put also a dick like me that wanted to take a picture of them, then you have a perfect recepy for disaster.

The guy on the right grabbed me and kicked me. Then he took my camera (reflex Nikon) and went away. After a bit of debate I convinced him to give me back the camera on condition to delete the shot. I deleted the shot in front of him. Apparently he didn’t knew about restoring-deleted-files applications.

Street Photography can be taugh. Even though you are shooting on a public space where people, in theory, should have nothing to hide, the reality is that people on the street are surrounded by strangers, so it is like they were walking alone. They don’t care what the strangers think of them. The moment you take a picture, you (at least in their mind) put on them the eyes of the whole world. And they don’t like that. They have different masks they use for different people. And showing yourself without a mask can be dangerous in a society where people rely mostly on appearances.

Many of them do humiliating jobs, are tired and pissed off all the time, but on the web they show that they’re always having a great time. And you with you camera are ruining everything. Why you do that? Why don’t you take pictures of nature or sunsets? Because they are boring after a while. People are much more interesting, even with all their problems.