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This system has made us behave just like babies. The infantile desire to protect OUR stuff, it’s the foundation of the capitalist system.
Will we ever understand that it is better for us to cooperate with each-other, instead of fighting like kids?


GIRO 03 – July 2010

One man, one car, four countries, four thousand kilometers. This was his last tour.

Western alps – France – 11 July 2010
You won’t believe it, but in 2010 also, I was doing the slave for a living. The job was taking my soul away each year it passed. But for some reason I continued to work there. Maybe it was lazyness. Or maybe it was that I was used to that kind of violence. They teach us to obey and shut up when we are kids, and we continue to do that when we grow up. Anyway, for someone raped like me, the job wasn’t that bad. I worked on a computer all day. And I was lucky, very lucky. I had priviledges no-one could dream of. I could leave the job for 4 weeks each year and do whatever I wanted. But I couldn’t take these 4 weeks all at the same time. No no no, that was too much, even for a priviledged slave like me. My owner unchained me for 2 weeks in summer, and 2 weeks in winter. But this year I did a great job as a slave, so my owner gave me 3 weeks for my summer vacations. Wow! I could plan a longer trip this time. Three weeks were enough to let me go beyond the alps this time. And so I did. I tried to escape as fast and as far as possible from my problems, but they haunted me even there.

DAY 01 distance: 121 km total so far: 121 km
Roma – Tuscania
Self – Tuscania – 06 July 2010
Fountain – Tuscania – 06 July 2010

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MM62A-1409 TVJ SEA SUN ASTRO TEL D3000 55-200 OP

So you take a picture. Then you think you own it now. You put your name on it, publish it online and threat everybody not to use it. Just watch it.

What would happend if the people you photographed, did as you do and asked you money (their image, it’s theirs, right)? And what if the owners of the streets, buildings, objects or animals did the same? What if Earth did the same for the mountains, rivers and seas you photograph all the time?

So why you get all that for free and then put your name on it and sell it as yours? Is it because YOU have made it? Maybe there’s something special about you that knew how to take that shot. The right time, right light, right composition, right lens to use. Those are decision that YOU made.

Do you think you were born with all that knowledge? We can agree that you had to learn all those rules. It took time to do that. Maybe you took a course or bought a book but most of the knowledge you got it for free: Photography websites, forums, a friend that gives you a tip, your own experience etc.

You also were inspired by great photographers. Their work now influences your own. It’s in your head now, even if you think you are not copying anyone, you do it subconsciously. But it’s not a sin. They too have been influenced by other photographers or artists before them.

There is also another factor that halps to take a good shot, that you get for free. That is your culture. The place you live, the people around you, your parents, your life struggles, love, art etc. If you lived in a cave all your life, you wouldn’t be able to take meaningful photographs.

And before culture influences there is something we all have that we don’t even need to learn it. It’s in our DNA, our brain. We all have a sense for beauty, symmetry etc; We all love landcapes, sunsets, flowers and (nonthreatening)animals. It is how our brain helps us to survive. That’s also helpful and you don’t pay a tax for that.

We didn’t use to be so attached to stuff, like we do today. The concept of private property it’s a nice trick to divide us. If we shared what we produced with each-other, then we wouldn’t need to buy everything. We wouldn’t need to work so hard. It’s easier to cooperate, than to fight. I think sooner or later we’ll realize it and we’ll laugh thinking about the time we use to spend protecting OUR stuff.

ALBANIA 1980 – 90 – VOL.1

I decided to make this short film after finding some beautiful photos taken by the french photographer Michel Setboun in Albania during the regime era (before the 90s) I divided the video in a few mini segments which show different aspects of life during those years. I used mostly a traditonal southern-Albanian music called “kabà”. Which is an instrumental, improvised and melancholic style of an ensemble-driven by a clarinet.

I also thank Erik Stewart, Peuplier and Maverick12 for their photos.
For more photos of this kind, visit the flickr group Albanian Old Photos