The Invisible

Porta Portese – Rome – 25 October 2015

Yesterday I wanted to make some street photography. So I went to Porta Portese (a street market held every Sunday here in Rome). It is visited mostly by (relatively) poor people and migrants because the prices are low. They come here to buy new clothes, or just to distract themselves for a couple of hours and forget for a while the violence they go through during the week at work (more or less, the same thing we all do).

You’d think these are poor people and you can’t get lower than that, but you’d be wrong. There are also the invisible people (I wear special glasses to see them) like this woman lying on the road begging for money. As you can see, nobody can see her. But I can!

I wish I had the power that she has. Can you imagine doing street photography in complete invisibility? You can go around your subject, find the best background, the best light etc. You have time to set the camera the way it’s needed; You don’t have to smile, or ask permission to your subject to take a picture (or pay them like some do).

Some people whispered that it was all fake, the gypsie was faking it to get more money. And that would be to miss the point. If you see her as the gypsie and not as a human being, that is sad.